Donald Trump just gave away that he knows Jack Smith has him nailed

Donald Trump seems to go through stages of grief when it comes to the criminal investigations into him. First he ignores Them. Then he downplayed them. Then he tries to claim that the prosecutor is going to drop the case. Then he launches personal attacks on the prosecutor and the prosecutor’s family. And finally, he claims that the prosecutor is going to illegal lengths in order to make the case against him.


That last part always amounts to a confession from Trump. If a criminal probe reaches a point where the only argument Trump has left is it the prove itself is somehow unfair or illegal, and Trump is no longer even trying to claim that he’s going to beat it, then he’s tacitly, admitting that he’s nailed.


That’s where Donald Trump now is with DOJ special counsel Jack Smith’s criminal probe. Trump is now whining on his social media site that Smith is somehow violating his first amendment rights by targeting him for wire fraud. This is almost hilarious. Trump is admitting that Jack Smith has him kneeled, and all that Trump can do at this point is whine about it.

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