Ron DeSantis’ attempt at a New Hampshire rollout is off to a disastrous start

Even after the entire media spent two years hyping Ron DeSantis as a potential 2024 frontrunner, it barely took DeSantis two weeks to cut his own poll numbers in half thanks to a disastrous Iowa rollout.


Now DeSantis is trying to salvage things with a New Hampshire rollout, and it’s off to a disastrous start, if this video of his speech there is any indication:


We don’t condone rushing the stage, ever. But this shows just how widely and passionately Ron DeSantis is despised by mainstream Americans. That’s no surprise, after he’s spent all this time harassing and targeting transgender people, women, and other groups in his role as Governor of Florida.

Speaking of Florida, even as the state’s prominent city of Fort Lauderdale is underwater, Ron DeSantis is still facing to properly address the flooding. That’s because he’s too busy giving disastrous speeches in Iowa and New Hampshire. He should resign.

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