Donald Trump has a conniption over his indictment

Donald Trump is a bad man having a bad day, a bad week, a bad year, and likely a bad rest of his life. With the widespread expectation that he’ll likely be criminally indicted in Manhattan tomorrow, Trump is taking things particularly hard.


Trump is now having an all caps meltdown for the ages on his own social network, complete with rants like “NO CRIME, NO AFFAIR, NO BOOKKEEPING ERROR OR MISDEMEANOR, NO “NOTHING.” He’s also spinning up delusional false claims about his surprise grand jury witness Robert Costello, who by all accounts had no impact, having “FULLY DISPROVEN” the case against him.


At this point Donald Trump is going nuclear against Michael Cohen – but it’s all stuff that we’ve either heard before, or is obviously made up. Trump doesn’t appear to have any actual new ways to chip away at Cohen’s credibility, so he’s stuck on repeat, and trying to use the caps lock button to make his words sound more credible than they are.

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