Donald Trump throws a fit about former Trump administration official who testified against him to grand jury

At this point it feels like half the senior people in the Trump administration have now testified against Donald Trump to Jack Smith’s DOJ grand jury. One of them is a guy named Ken Cuccinelli, who has now reportedly testified twice to the grand jury.


Now this Cuccinelli guy is going to work for the Ron DeSantis 2024 campaign, and Trump isn’t happy about it. Trump posted this on social media: “He was going nowhere with us, so now he works for DeSanctimonious, at supposedly a big Globalist like salary, and rips “TRUMP” on Globalist FoxNews. Oh well, another one bites the dust!”


Well okay then. The real story here is that someone who worked in the Trump administration, and has since testified against Trump to a grand jury, is now moving on and going to work for a different Republican 2024 candidate. Given that this guy has seen Jack Smith’s probe from the inside, this is kind of a hint that he doesn’t think Trump is going to survive this.

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